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Video Depositions
Our video depositions are produced with the same commitment to quality that all of our legal videos maintain. We use professional 3CCD broadcast quality video cameras, hi-end sound equipment, and attractive portable backdrops to minimize distraction during playback of the video in court. Each attorney and witness is miked individually to produce the cleanest audio possible. 

If you have any special request please let us know and we will happily accommodate you. Our standard turn around time is a rapid 2-4 business days, but we are very familiar with the legal process and it's time restraints and we can provide you with a copy of the edited trial-ready deposition on the following day if requested (Saturdays and Sundays included).

Day-in-the-Life Video
With a "Day-In-The-Life" video you can communicate the effect of an injury on your client's life. A Day-In-The-Life video may be used as a tool to leverage a settlement, and is generally court admissible at trial and entered under the testimony of a spouse or caregiver.  The main purpose of this type of video is to demonstrate the difficulty your client has in completing simple tasks such as getting out of bed, trying to maneuver him/herself around the house, eating, remembering how to live, and coping with a completely different lifestyle. These elements communicate what cannot be simply explained by reading a transcript or medical records to the defense attorney, claims committee or the jury.

We can help you produce a very effective video for much less than you might think with rates well below what many other legal video companies charge.

Video Transcript Synchronization
Many attorney's find this to be one of the most helpful tools out there when preparing for a trial. Video transcript synchronization is when the written transcript is put into a digital format and synchronized line by line with a video deposition. This allows attorneys to make better use of video testimony by being able to search for key moments on the record and even make their own video clips. Users can also capture there own still images to print and use this software within many other trial presentation software. 

All of our video transcript sync disc are extremely easy to use and can be played on any computer that has a CD/DVD Rom drive. 

Audio Enhancement
Audio enhancement is a process of "cleaning up" poorly recorded pre-recorded audio. This is done by removing as much of the distracting elements such as tape hiss, HVAC noise, distortion, as well as many other mystery noises found in recordings.   Examples of this media may be poorly recorded police videos, depositions, telephone conversations, "day in the life" videos, etc... The result is improved quality and intelligibility for use at trial or to be transcribed by a court reporter. 

We have over a decade of audio engineering experience and know how and are awaiting your call. We accept all types of media from tape cassette, micro cassette, MP3, wave audio, CD, SD, etc...  

Other Services
  • Video / Photography on insurance claims

  • Accident Scene Videos and Photography

  • Injury / Product Photography

  • Trial Presentation / Assistance

  • DVD organization with customized menus and chapters

  • Slideshows in various formats

  • VHS to DVD transfers / Re-mastering

  • DVD / File Duplication

  • Video Wills

  • Audio / Video editing and mixing



  • Commercial and Residential Video Inventory

  • Voiceover / Narration on slideshows and videos

  • Background noise reduction

  • Sound re-mastering of various types of prerecorded media

  • Audio Recording

  • Audio Production

  • Corporate Video

  • Commercial / Broadcast audio

  • Web Design

  • Real Estate Video